Thursday, November 20, 2008

Can your wife do that?

Those of you that stay in contact with me know that I've been in Dallas TX for the last 2.5 weeks for training and I don't leave until this coming Sunday. Since this blog is public I didn't want to advertise the face that I'm not at home (Manda is paranoid that some psycho might be reading my blog, of course I tell her that most of the people that read my blog are psycho :) ) While I was away at training she had to change domiciles alone with 2 kids. We now officially live in Naples (even though I haven't lived there yet) and she got us there! So the last couple of weeks for her have been crazy: Pack up house, change all utilities etc to new place, assist the people who are renting our house, oversee movers, start unpacking our belongings, pack herself and both boys for a 2 week trip to Idaho (5 days after arriving at new home), travel to Idaho.

I meet up with them on Sunday night in Boise and we'll be back to a dual parent operation by then. During that time I've been here in Dallas focusing on learning a new airplane, studying like crazy, and contributing nothing to helping with the relocation of my family. In fact my parents moved to Naples as well and they were treated equally in the how-much-Tj-helps-us move department. Needless to say our move to Naples officially goes into my book as the easiest move ever! Great job Darlin'

For me the time has gone by very fast since there's so much information to learn in a relatively short time frame, this experience epitomizes the phrase "it's like trying to drink from a fire hose". There are literally thousands of pages of materials that I'm plowing through in 3 weeks. At least I've actually gotten to use the drawers and closets that are provided in my hotel suite which before recently I never really had.


Marie said...

Wow, you do have an amazing wife. And, congrats on the new job, you'll do great.

The Peterson's said...

My wife definitly can not do that! :-) She is amazing. How did YOU get soooo lucky?